Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day One - Lacombe, AB

Here we are again at Day One - we’re pinching ourselves while we’re on the road, not really believing we get to experience this adventure again. We had a SLOW start. OK, it wasn’t slow, we were very busy, but got out much later than we expected. It’s a bit of work to move out of a rental AND go on a vacation. Megan was an amazing helper... scrubbing that tub that I couldn’t reach well, cleaned & polished out the fridge, and even washed floors. What a trooper! Joshua was busy taking everything from the house to the truck and helping David with a load to the storage unit while Sarah helped with all the little odds and ends. We finally pulled out around 4pm. It's 11:30PM and we have arrived at a little hotel in Lacombe, AB. The roads were fantastic; it was a beautiful day. The snow was mostly melted and we could see the rolling hills of the farms which on our return will be starting to grow I'm sure.

Everyone is eager to get to sleep now, especially David who didn't got to bed, so has officially been up for 31 HOURS! He'll enjoy this sleep.

Let the journey begin!

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