Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 15 - Las Vegas

Today we left the 'classroom' and headed out on another field trip... a day trip to Las Vegas! WOW, talk about sensory overload!! On the way we were able to see the Hoover Dam (I'll post photos for Day 16) - very cool. We look forward to going for a tour in the next month or so with Mom & Dad :) We'll also show you photos on Day 16 of the aquarium at the Silverton Hotel- incredible!!
Here's some photos for today:
One of the main highlights was going to M&M World. EVERY single color of M&M ever made was there. It was incredible. Every mug, every stuffy, every knick-knack you can think of was there!!
A model after the real nascar :)
Within the building there was a little movie theater where we caught a mini 3D movie about the M&M who lost his 'M'. :)
Lots of large M&Ms around to pose with.
And a big, yellow "real" M&M Peanut outside!!
Yes, there's even a rollercoaster at New York, New York.
We drove down the Strip after dark to see the lights (we stayed IN the truck!!) :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 14 - From the kids' camera

We started the day with spinach omelets and Joshua as my helper, then it was time for school - we try to get started about 8:30 and finish up by noon so the afternoon is free to play :) Sarah made some big accomplishments in the pool today. She's always been afraid of the water, doesn't like to get her face wet or "go under", but this summer in Vernon she started to dunk her head. BIG step for her! The pool here with all the rock work has all kinds of levels and platforms making it perfect for her as she practices jumping in. She started at the lower level (first video) and with Daddy's encouragement and Joshua's careful guidance (it was so sweet to watch him carefully direct her with his hands hands held out in case she fell!!) she moved to the second and then finally the waterfall level (second video) - she is feeling pretty pleased with herself! Once she's comfortable with this, hopefully we can get that lifejacket off! :)

We have an older camera that we let the kids take whenever we go on an outing so they can snap away. It's interesting to download and see {from their viewpoint} what interests them. As I was downloading the little video clips of Sarah, I noticed some photos they took from Yosemite National Park.
Here's their photos of that amazing day!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Day 13 - Back to school

We finally got back to school this morning. After nearly 2 weeks off, it was good to get back at it. The kids seemed excited to open up those workbooks again -- well, at least to get it done and back into the pool. Joshua was rushing like crazy at the end there when he knew Daddy was ALREADY in the pool and he still had to finish his silent reading - the timer took forever to go off!! Joshua & David were in the pool for HOURS today. They bought some really good goggles and have been exploring the rocks, watching each other dive in, and playing hide & go seek with pool darts. One person hides the darts and the other people put the goggles on & go exploring to find them all. It was very hot again today - so the pool was wonderful. Today I took a few shots of the house inside, I didn't get the master bedroom or spare room so hopefully I'll snap those to show you in the next day or two.
Living room. You come through the front door into this room.
Entrance area.
Dining area.
Kids do school here, but our meals are eaten (for the most part) outside.
Took a quick shot of the kids tonight writing in their journals.
Megan checking the blog for a few details.
David, completely worn out from all those hours in the pool today.
Supper time outside by the pool.
Another cool feature is that there is seven or eight different colors for the pool lights. You can even go disco and it flashes all the different colors. Tonight Sarah chose purple/pink. :)
Off to enjoy the hot tub tonight.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 12 - Sunday in Havasu

Tried to go to the 10:30 service at the Alliance Church this morning, but we couldn't find it. Apparently they've moved to a different address. We quickly tried to find a different church to go to but they all started at 10am so services were almost over. Yes, even the baptist churches started at 10AM!! I thought it was against their constitution to start at any time other than 11am :) We took a little drive around town, got a few groceries & then headed back to the house.
This is where I found Joshua & Sarah this morning. They had eaten breakfast together & then gone out for a visit in the hammock.
A photo of the London Bridge sign that would make Granny proud :) We drove across the bridge, but haven't taken the time to really look at it yet.
Little lighthouse by the lake...
Looking back towards the city - point & shoot camera :(
First BBQ of the season; that is, the "Havasu-season".
:) Mmmm-good.
Joshua started diving into the pool from the edge yesterday and worked his way up to this by the end of today. You might have to watch it twice, the video is only 7 seconds long!
A couple night shots of the pool...
hot tub/spa area with waterfall on.
Slide & cave with waterfalls on. You'll have to excuse Joshua's shorts :)

This pool is so nice it's hard to stay out of it. The kids are up & in it as soon as they can and come out for food & drink every so often :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day 11 - Barstow, CA to Lake Havasu City, AZ !!!

Left Barstow this morning and got to Lake Havasu City around noon. Another beautiful, hot, sunny day. The rental home is beautiful and the pool is amazing. We are very happy to be here and look forward to getting to know the city & surrounding area.
Barstow, California
Crossing the Mojave Desert this morning it had already hit 40C before 11AM.
If you get lost in the Mojave Desert maybe you'll be lucky enough to come across one of these.
Hard to believe...we're actually here!
A fellow Albertan was in front of us at the very first stop-light in Lake Havasu City!
Our home for the next two months.
Hot tub area.
There are lights behind the waterfalls and in the grotto as well as in the main the pool which looks beautiful at night. We tried to capture some night photos but we'll have to work some more at that! :) We were in the pool until 9:20pm tonight until we finally dragged Joshua & Megan out. It was awesome to be swimming under the stars and it was still warm outside.
View across the pool to the palapa which has a fridge, large BBQ, sink & misters over the seating area.
View from the palapa.
The pool is 9ft. deep so you can jump & dive off the rocks.
One Hammock. Two palm trees. 45 degrees. Need I say more?