Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 76 - December is here.

We all had to smile that it was December 1st and we were still in shorts and T-shirts, playing family baseball & riding bikes. We love it here!! We had a full day of school (finally dusted off those workbooks) and then got to the park to enjoy some family time, sunshine & a bit of baseball. After an early dinner, we had tears as we said goodbye to Daddy & he left for the airport. We're so thankful that he only has to go for 6 days instead of 8 this time. We will also be heading to Disneyland the day after he gets home, so we're pretty excited about that. We popped some popcorn & watched a little TV together before bedtime arrived.
Knowing we'd be here for December, we remembered to bring the advent quilt with us. It was fun to put up and start with day one.
Sarah reading over her clue, and preparing for her search.
Joshua on the hunt.
Megan found hers!
Time for some baseball...
...and bike-riding.
Megan is up to bat...
Sarah's turn at bat.
We had a great day together.
Goodnight Daddy, safe ✈

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