Friday, December 4, 2009

Day 79 - Gingerbread House.

Today was the complete opposite of yesterday with school. We slept in a little; everyone seemed to have a slow start to their day. Oatmeal took a little longer to cook, chatting around the breakfast table this morning lasted longer than normal (love that though!), and it seemed like there were a number of things to do before we could finally start school. At last we got started, but it took us until nearly 3pm to finish up. The kids were MORE than ready to get outside to the park and run off some energy. So, away we went!
We got home around 5pm and got going on dinner together. Once that was in the oven, the kids did their advent hunt and we got ready for dinner.
Excitement grew as the kids knew after dinner we were going to build a gingerbread house.
What fun we had! Sticky fingers, colorful candies & careful planning and our creation was done.
The plan is to wait until Daddy gets home to eat it, we'll see how many candies are missing by then. :)
Joshua spied another bird's nest. "Look Mom! It's an indoor one!"
We had no electric mixer, or whisk, so mixing this stiff royal icing was a challenge.
Megan carefully piping the crisscross pattern after Joshua did the first side. Sarah was close beside placing the candies on all the 'X's.
Gingerbread house completed.
The kids didn't think it would be complete without a cactus!
3 more sleeps until Daddy is home.

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