Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 17 - Final day in Goodyear & traveled to Havasu

Today was a bit of a “get-er-done” kind of day. We had to load the truck with the trailer and our storage unit items which took some time. While David, Joshua & Megan did that, Sarah and I did a little shopping at Target ☺ (one of my favorite stores!!) It feels nice to be back in the warm breezes and sunshine of Arizona. We were surprised to learn that San Diego’s average summer temperatures aren’t any higher than ours. We made a final trip to Costco in Goodyear to pick up some items for Havasu and of course some lunch. It was then off to another favorite store, TJMaxx to do an exchange and then off to Estrella Mountain. We wanted to look at a few more homes, but didn’t get to see many as they closed sooner than we hoped. We were finally back on the road, heading West to Havasu! We arrived at the house in Havasu about 10:30PM and David did some amazing maneuvering to squeeze the trailer into the garage!! Kids helped unload what was needed for night and crawled into their beds with very heavy eyelids. My eyelids were involuntarily closing while David's were wide awake with such excitement to be back! Very cute.

No photos today, the last few days had enough to cover a number of days! :)

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