Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 23 - Vegas trip

David was up early this morning and took the truck in to Ford to get our oil changed before our trip to Vegas. It took him longer than expected, so we got out a bit later than we hoped, but we still managed to get on the road by 10am. It was due to be a rainy day in Havasu, so we figured this would be a good day for a field trip to Las Vegas. Actually we never actually made it into the city, but went to Henderson (which is where Costco is) and enjoyed the day there. David drove us girls to some stores we were wanting to shop at, we went to visit an outdoor Catcus Garden, took a tour in a chocolate factory and ended with a trip to Costco. We had a great day.

We saw this sign the our first visit to Arizona, but never had the camera out in time to take a shot. We just thought it was hilarious with the slogan "TRY ONE" :)
Ethel Chocolate Factor Tour & Cactus garden. The sun was out so we wandered through the Cactus garden first.
We strolled along and saw so many different varieties of cacti, many of which were blooming.
Some of them were enormous!
It felt like spring with all the pretty flowers.
I thought this was so interesting as the "plant" was basically sticks, but it had these unusual flowers.
The garden was a mixture of cacti and desert plants & trees.
Our best guess was the "rocks" that lined the gardens were lava. They were interesting to look at as well.
This is Megan's favorite cactus, and now we know its name: The Pancake Cactus! ☺
This cactus was called "Rabbit Ears" and it was one cactus you could actually touch, it was soft!
These "twisted" trees were neat, and they blossomed with little yellow buds that almost looked like pom-poms.
You can see that a cactus is actually woody - this is a dead one to show those "stems" of wood inside.
Teddy Bear cactus (but this one didn't look soft at all!)
Missing those flowering cherry trees, it was wonderful so see all the blooms in the garden.
Desert Willow.
The dead cactus isn't very pretty, but is neat to see.
We saw some of these as bushes at the San Diego Zoo. The kids thought it looked like toilet bowl brush! :)
Megan always makes sure to take a picture of us :) It was a cool day in Las Vegas.
The chocolate factory!
Crazy to think delicious chocolate comes from this!
They had a few sculptures that were completely made out of chocolate.

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