Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 22 - Baby's first quad ride :)

School seemed to take awhile today. I think after the long break, our brains need to get back into the bookwork groove. ☺ David gave the truck a much needed wash & cleaning this morning! We did stop at a car wash on our travel down to get some of that McMurray muck off of it, but now it looks so much better! David started up the BBQ for lunch and we enjoyed burgers out on the deck in the sunshine again. After lunch there was still a bit of school to do and then once everyone was done, we loaded up and all went quadding. I even took a ride (very slowly & carefully) out with the boys to see the sand dunes. Boy do they have fun rippin’ around in there! It’s really hard for Joshua to handle his dirtbike in the sand so he hoped on the quad with me and took me for a very gentle ride. He was very sweet in how careful he was being. After our ride he thought it was pretty cool that he took his baby brother for his first quad ride in the dunes! :) Although the rain clouds looked heavy above us, we managed to avoid them during our ride and even managed to BBQ for dinner again. We saw in the forecast that rain was arriving tomorrow so we plan to head to Las Vegas for the day. Hopefully we’ll be able to get a couple of field trips in :)

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  1. Good job taking care of your baby brother and your Mom out on the quad Joshua. Job well done.