Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day Nine - Some Expected & Unexpected Excitement

We seem to enjoy the routine of getting up for family breakfast & out for a morning walk. Today it was particularly warm out which we knew meant a hot one in the afternoon. This causes David great happiness. :) We decided to make our way out to Arizona Mills, which is a big, indoor outlet mall. Joshua & David weren’t as excited about it as us girls were, but they were good sports. I was in desperate need of summer maternity clothes and Sarah had her hopes set high for her Arizona highlight - getting her ears pierced. Her attempt to get them pierced three years ago didn’t work out well for her, and she’s been asking ever since to get them done again. The deal was that as soon as she was able to stop her habit of biting her nails she would be able to get her ears pierced. She has conquered that habit and done very well for a few months now, so she was over the moon to see Claire’s at the mall. She walked right up to the cashier, asked them her list of questions (among them.... can I still go in the pool?) and proudly sat on the chair with a little whisper to me.... “Mom, can you hold my hand?”. In her nervousness she chatted non-stop to the lady getting everything all ready. OK, Sarah talks non-stop regardless of what is going on, but this was in particular a lot of chatter, even for her! It was very cute to watch her great excitement build along with the nerves. She did awesome and the lady doing the piercing was fast & wonderful. For Sarah, this was a great day!! We continued to race through the stores as we knew our time was limited with the boys ready to go after an hour or so :) Everyone was pleased with their purchases (we even bought baby-boy Gray a couple of onesies) and we set the GPS to home where David whipped up some yummy fruit smoothies and we sat in the hot sun. It was at this very moment we heard someone outside hooking up our trailer to their truck!! Off we went around to the front only to find that our trailer was being impounded. UGH. Apparently the owner of the rental thought it was OK for us to park our trailer on the gravel area, and obviously this was not the case. Thankfully (we try to always look on the bright side, right?) we caught him in time and didn’t have to pay the full impound fee. So once we got all that settled we had to head to the storage unit to rent a space to store the trailer. This wasn’t a huge deal as we knew we were going to drop it off next week as we head out for a week to San Diego (and areas), it just caused a bit of a scramble, which one does try to avoid during a holiday :) We’re looking forward to a slower day tomorrow, that I am sure will involve some sun soaking, quad riding, cold drink sipping, good times! As for the rest of the night, we’re going to enjoy a late dinner and watch the sunset. Even though it was a bit of a crazy day, it was still a great one!!

The "Before" shot...
first one down, one more to go....
Sorry about the sun glare, but Esther loves to be informed ☺

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  1. Wow Sarah - great job - you did it. Now to buy all those awesome earings.
    Love ya lots
    Grandma V