Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 29 - Family Breakfast

This morning we decided to get up and have a big family breakfast out on the deck. It was a gorgeous morning! We sliced strawberries, whipped cream (by hand!! no mixer) and cooked up some Belgian chocolate chip waffles - delicious!! We got going on school a bit later which ran into the afternoon a little bit. David & Joshua went for a quick quad ride together then is was POOL time!! David did lap after lap after lap after lap!! I think I got stronger just watching him! :) Once the kids jumped in they spent the afternoon, diving, playing their “dart game” and enjoying time together. Everyone finally got out and we had to move quickly to get the kids to youth group. They decided to try out the youth group at the Baptist Church we have been attending. Sarah was even allowed to go which gave David & I an opportunity to head out for a date night! So once the kids were settled in we went out for a nice dinner date. We picked the kids up and they all had a good time. After bedtime snacks they were tucked in. Joshua got up not feeling so well, so we made a bed for him in our room and went to bed early ourselves. It’s amazing how the heat can tire you out! :)

It was a very bright morning... Sarah needed her sunglasses, but chose squinting instead ☺

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