Friday, September 18, 2009

Day Three - Beaches in Lincoln City

We had a fantastic day here in Lincoln City. We spent most of the day at the beach, took a break & hit the outlet mall & then went to check out the beach across from our hotel. The beaches were amazing! We had a perfectly sunny day and were mesmerized by the crashing waves. I could have stood there all day watching them (and running away from them before I got soaked). They have something called "sneaker waves" which are waves that are much higher and stronger than normal surf and usually occur during outgoing tides. This made it seem like waves were just constantly crashing in. You never had to wait to see a wave spill over and crash down, as they came one after the other - it was so beautiful. The kids and I had a great time searching for glass floats. No luck. One lady found one and she was SO excited...I was tempted to purchase one, but it just wouldn't be the same as "finding" one! It was still fun to search though. The kids thought it was so cool that the sand "squeaked". Just like wet sneakers in the school hallway, so it was with your feet on the sand - it was so cool. It was a great day {out of the vehicle} to spend running away from waves, walking miles in the sand & soaking in some sunshine.
The outlet mall was lots of fun too. I think Megan & David had the most success. Some very good deals were had by all. It was like a center of strip malls, with green, lush grass and walkways. All outdoors from one store to the next. Joshua didn't last too long (although he was thrilled with the Nike store and the baseball glove he found for $8!!) so we dropped off our things at the hotel and then walked across to a second beach for a stroll before supper. The tide was now going out and so we could approach the beach edge without fear of a wave crashing into us or the current pulling us in. The water was freezing!!
After munching on dinner in our hotel room, the kids went for a swim in the pool & now I think we're all ready to get some sleep. Tomorrow is a travel day with new sights to see - destination is Redding, California!

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  1. Have a good night's sleep and I will try to call your hotel room in the morning to chat with the kids.
    Love you all and love hearing all the news,