Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day Four - travel day with a couple of stops.

Today we traveled from Lincoln City to Medford, Oregon. We made a lot of quick stops along the way as there was so many scenic viewpoints. It was a more typical west-coast day; overcast & even a little rain for a few minutes, but it was still beautiful. We spent a little bit of time at the sand dunes and definitely need to go back armed with the proper "power-tools"! :)

*** To see any of the photos larger, simply click on the photo and you'll get a much bigger image :) Also, the kids love to read the comments you send, so there's as link at the bottom of each entry if you'd like to do that as well. - .j.


  1. hey we were just there last spring break! Wasn't the lighthouse neat Safe journey to you all

  2. Looks like you had another great day. Give each of the kids an extra hug from us. We miss you all.

  3. Hay we looked at these again this morning and what awesome pictures. Those seals are magnificant. Have a great Sunday worshipping our awesome creator. Love ya lots. Grandpa V sends great big hugs all around.

  4. Hey Grays! AHhhhh the beach (good on ya God) is so beautiful! those dunes look like a heap of fun. Did you see any good surf or surfers out there? Tidbit: the best time to find glass balls is the morning after a stormy night at first light. Told to me by an artist I used to work with in Tofino.
    Hope you are all having a great time. Has any of the children started to collect momentos of any sort? -tania smith

  5. Yes, we saw surfers out there & could NOT believe they were in shorts! That water was FREEEEEZING!! Lincoln City hides whatever number of year it is (so this October they will be hiding 2010 glass floats). Apparently these floats are no longer used, but Lincoln City has always had a number of tourists come in search for these, so they've created their own. A lady found one just down the way from us. Next time maybe :) Kids have collected a few rocks, but nothing major - our truck is STUFFED!! LOL, not sure what else would fit! :)