Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day Five - Settling at Redding, CA

Today we left Medford, OR and drove to Redding, CA. It was a nice short trip - only about 2 & a half hours (including the scenic pullouts!) until we got to our hotel and unpacked. We arrived shortly after 1pm and it was already 36 degrees - perfect! After unpacking we went to Costco for lunch and sat with a really nice elderly couple who had lived in Redding for 47 years (and been married for 63!!) The kids went for a swim in the pool after lunch and then we went to Turtle Bay Exploration Park.
Great excitement as we passed from Oregon into California!!
Megan testing out the outdoor pool - not too bad!
Joshua, kicked back & relaxin' his words :"This is living!"
Sarah, all smiles to be out of the truck & in the pool!
Palm trees are in the medians, very cool!!
Shasta Lake (as we drove by) - the elderly couple we sat with at lunchtime said that Shasta Lake is down about 140 feet as they are now in their third year of drought.
Mt. Shasta - through the truck window :) Over 14,000 feet high.
Girls sitting on turtles at Turtle Bay.
Sacramento River
The sun-dial bridge over the Sacramento River -- very, very cool structure. There are markers on the ground to tell the time on June 21st as the entire structure acts as a massive sundial.
The bridge deck is some type of plexiglass and the lights went on just before we left. It probably looks really cool when it's dark out.
Tomorrow's forecast is 38C and sunny...PERFECT!


  1. It was sooooo good to talk with you guys tonight. It sounds like you are having such a great time. Josh I hope you have a good night sleep and feel 100% tomorrow. Love ya lots

  2. This looks like an amazing adventure for you guys. Hot weather......just how Dave likes it! YEAH. Thanks for keeping up on the blog. It's neat to follow you on your journey. Beatiful pictures!