Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day Two - Lincoln City, Oregon

Today we left Wenatchee, drove through Yakima down to the Columbia River gorge, drove along the river to Portland and then over to Lincoln City on the coast. It was a day of amazing contrast in scenery. We saw sage brush desert, dense pine forests, rolling farmland & ended up at the ocean. It was amazing how dry and barren the hills were in central Washington, but every where that there was water it was lush with orchards. We were also able to see Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams & Mt. Hood. I never realized there was so much diversity in Washington State.
Mt. Adam's (picture taken while driving, that's why it's a little fuzzy!)
Overlooking Ellensburg, WA
Near Wenatchee, WA
Such a sharp contrast of orchards & desert mountains.
There were hundreds of HUGE windmills near the Columbia River gorge.
Another highlight today was finding the Roloff Farm, near Hillsboro, Oregon. That is the family off the TLC show Little People, Big World that we enjoy watching as a family. We drove around the area a little bit and there are many beautiful, little hobby farms just a few minutes from the city. We're not sure, but we even thought Matt Roloff might have passed us which prompted the kids to want us to chase him down. :)
It was a beautiful, warm sunny day, the scenery was stunning, and we were all together...not a bad way to celebrate year 4o! :)

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