Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day Eight - Brandy Creek Falls - Whiskeytown, CA

Today we went to Whiskeytown Nation Park. It is only 6 or 7 miles from Redding and it has a really nice lake and many miles of hiking trails. We took the truck a few miles up a gravel road & then hiked in to Brandy Creek falls. It was a really pretty hike & there was a series of four or five waterfalls. The kids had a lot of fun floating wood down the creek & falls. We saw a few saladmanders/geckos/newt/we really don't know what they were :) and found some ENORMOUS pine cones. The largest ones were probably at least 15 inches long!! After our hike we had a picnic by the lake and then went back to the hotel for a swim in the pool. It hit 43C/109F here again today and we were thinking we haven't seen a single cloud in the sky in the four days we've been here. It's definitely a great place for those who like the sun.
Click on this montage to enlarge :)


  1. Hokey Pick! Those are some seriously large pine cones!!! imagine making a wreath out of them! Hahahaha. Looks like you guys are having a great time. Gotta love Costco eh!?

  2. Looks like another awesome day you guys. Sorry I missed you online tonight. Give each other big hugs from us both. Love ya
    Grandma and Grandpa V. Tell the kids that Bentley misses them lots.

  3. Those pine cones are so cool....and the snake is not. I do not like snakes. :) Looks like you are having the trip of a lifetime! Cool for you guys.

  4. Hey guys,
    Other than the temperatures, this is a trip to remember!! So glad you're having a great time and seeing so many cool places. Love and miss you! And, Sar-bear - cool pine cones!! :)

    Auntie Carol