Monday, September 21, 2009

Day Six - a kickback day in Redding

Went on a little tour of the surrounding area today. Played in the pool, kicked back on the deck with ice-cream and pretty much just hung out. Oh yeah, it was 42 degrees today :)
Just a wee bit warmer than Fort McMurray!
Great use for an old crankshaft!
Stopped by the local Caterpillar dealer.
Sunset view from our deck.


  1. LOL
    your INFORMING thermometer picture made me laugh.

  2. HOT!!!! Grandpa Jim says - hope you have good air condtioning. Good to just get some R&R after all the driving. Weather here as well has been beautiful - suppose to b 27 again. Have a good one. love you all.

  3. Always happy to inform my friend :)