Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day 53 - Megan's turn....

I forgot to take a picture, but it was Megan's turn today for a haircut. Sarah loves to get her haircut short, walk into the bathroom and SEE that it is noticeably different. Key word being NOTICEABLE! Sounds like Sarah doesn't it?! *smiles* Megan is just like me when I was her age; knows it needs to be trimmed, but wants it to remain as long as possible. :) In the end I think I cut a couple of inches off, but I think she's OK with it. Last summer she went to the hairdressers and hated the cut, so wanted me to do my usual, very simple, straight across cut. We'll have to venture to another salon one of these days though as I'm not good! :)
We had another full day of school. Knowing Daddy will be home soon to play and explore keeps up encouraged to press on through our studies together. I love homeschooling! What an amazing experience this has been.
Once school was done we played lots of games again and got out for a walk around the neighborhood too. :)
It's been so refreshing to have the TV off and spending genuine time together playing games, laughing, crafting & cooking...

Megan put in the final piece today!! :)
A Hundred Chickens and a Worm Puzzle - completed.

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