Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 55 - Hello Monday.

Today we were back into routine with school. It seemed slower today, perhaps just being a Monday, but we did have to resume after lunch for a little bit to complete our work. I turned the hot-tub on this morning so the kids could at least play in there this afternoon, but Sarah was the only one that actually went in as it was warming. She had her goggles and was full of glee to be back in the water looking for darts to "dive" down to and retrieve.
We did a little stamping together again too, this time Joshua was working on a card for a friend.
Later in the afternoon we played our daily game of Catan. It's funny how we hardly play it all when Daddy is home (too busy exploring I guess) but when he's away I think we play it nearly every day! After our game, we went out for a walk to enjoy some fresh air. Sarah had a bad headache so we thought getting out for a jaunt around the neighborhood might help her feel better. We took the camera along as there's a few favorite things along the route we thought we'd like to remember :)
We came home to dinner (in the crockpot - love that!) and then watched Little People, Big World on TLC.
We decided we'd have a hot-tub night so around 7pm we all went in and enjoyed the warm water. It made everyone sleepy, and I think Sarah was sleeping before Joshua even got into his bunk. Hopefully she'll be feeling better in the morning.
We had a great day, a few lonely bugs, kids are missing Daddy... trying to push through those final couple of days.
The skateboard usually comes along with us and Joshua & Megan take turns pushing each other along the way :)
Silly Sarah totally excited to be in "her pool" again!
Joshua... missing his pool buddy!!
The sheer height of this cactus is amazing... along with that little nub on the side!
Megan calls this the pineapple palm :)
The needles on this cactus were so long and thick - OUCH!
We found our first orange tree!!
When we visited the Havasu visitor center the lady explained to us that if we saw this particular type of cactus with a hole in its side (as the one above has) it is where a bird will build its nest. Along our walk we noticed this one, with the hole, although we didn't hear any chirping.

☀ Two More Sleeps ☀

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