Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 54 - Sunday

With David being gone we didn't have a ride to church so we spent the day here at home. Everyone had a lazier morning and we decided we'd take a break from school today. I have all my stamping stuff pulled out, so Megan & I worked together and she made a card for her friend back in Nanaimo who is sick. Here's her card, didn't she do a fantastic job!!!!
In the afternoon we made some blended drinks, Mocha for Joshua & I, Vanilla Bean for Megan (with a few sips for Sarah) and drank them out on the deck (we thought Daddy would NOT be impressed if we drank them INdoors!) *smiles* We are so enjoying the warm days even though the pool is a bit chilly to swim in.
We played games in the evening, and before we knew it, bedtime had arrived :)
3 more sleeps.

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