Friday, November 13, 2009

Day 59 - Turn on the pool, Daddy is home!!

We were busy today getting our new place organized in Phoenix and of course getting in a day of school. We will be going on a field trip next week - St. George, Utah.
The CHECK ENGINE light came on in the truck as David travelled home Wednesday night, so it's in the shop right now getting a service. Hopefully we'll get it back on Monday and be able to get back out exploring.
The pool was slowly heating yesterday & Joshua was ecstatic to have his pool buddy back! The boys splashed in the pool most of the afternoon & Sarah continued to improve her "diving skills" in the hot tub. She's gone from being scared of the water to being a fish!!
Megan & I worked {slowly} on the puzzle and enjoyed the warm breezes and the sounds of the waterfalls and laughter from the deck.
After a BBQ'd dinner David, Joshua & Sarah went back in the pool/hot-tub. The boys enjoyed a long swim in the pool floating on their back looking up at the stars. After that we all cuddled on the couch, munching popcorn & watching Survivor.
Mid November in Arizona. It's hard to believe it's snowing/raining and cold "back home".

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