Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 70 - Arizona Science Center

Another fantastic field trip today as we drove into Phoenix to visit the Arizona Science Center. We had a great time looking at the exhibits, took in an IMAX 3D Movie about Sharks, and saw "Journey Through the Planets" in the Planetarium. Joshua really enjoyed "Forces of Nature" which was a journey through different weather conditions. We felt the hot rays of a blistering sun, the gusts of a tornado, the ground tremors of an earthquake, and even the rains of a hurricane! Megan enjoyed all the puzzles and brain teasers & Sarah thought laying on a bed of nails was quite something, but did NOT like the huge nose exhibit that sneezed on her!!
It was a very full day!
Human Anatomy 101
Joshua learning about mechanical advantage via pulleys.
Laying on a bed of nails!!!!!
Getting ready for the IMAX 3D movie - now THOSE are glasses!
Megan & Joshua on the tug of war demonstrating the principles of levers.
Sarah enjoyed the garden in the Going Green area of the center. It was really cool, CLEAN "dirt" :) She loved planting her garden and harvesting moments later. ☺
On U.S. Airways, ready for take-off!
The largest scorpion we've seen so far!

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