Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 63 - Zion National Park

We enjoyed a spectacular day at Zion National Park. We did a couple of small hikes and enjoyed amazing scenery!!
Once all the daylight was gone, we drove back to Lake Havasu.

An Ostrich farm along the highway where we stopped & let the kids feed the birds.
Scenery along the way to Zion Park.
I think we're still in Utah?
Trading Post near the town of Virgin.

Court of the Patriarchs.
Standing behind The Weeping Wall.
Along the trail to The Hidden Canyon.
Only Megan & Daddy proceeded past this point!
Entrance to The Hidden Canyon.
Erosion in the rock inside the canyon.

Most of the leaves had already fallen... it must have been even more beautiful a couple of weeks ago.
We loved the color of the roads in the area! There were a lot of places where arches like this appeared in the rocks.

The small hole in the upper left side of the picture is a vent hole in the highway tunnel that goes through the side of this mountain.
Looking back at Zion Canyon through the arch (vent hole in photo above) in the highway tunnel.
Sunset over St. George area.

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