Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 36 - Pool Day

Today was officially HOT; I think it showed 39C on the thermometer! After school & lunch we spent the entire afternoon pool side. Sarah’s doing fantastic with diving down to the bottom of the pool to collect darts. David started to throw the darts in the shallow, 4ft. end and slowly moved his way to the deep 9ft. end. By the end of the day she got all the way down to the deep end & retrieved a dart or two. :) It’s been amazing to watch her growth - we’ll have to make sure to get her into swimming lessons once we’re settled in Fort McMurray. We came inside for some quick leftovers before getting the kids to youth group. After dropping them off, David & I drove to Walmart to pick up a few things and then drove around Havasu to look at some amazing houses he’s been finding on his morning bike rides. He actually found a lot with a sale price of $600K in an area of homes that looks like it’s almost Beverly Hills!! After our little tour (and sighting of a road-runner AND a coyote) we made our way back to the house & David went & picked up the kids. An evening snack, bedtime and then David & I sat and watched a movie. :)

These large cactus' are starting to bloom.

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