Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 51 - The Unexpected

We started the day with delicious chocolate chip belgian waffles, complete with fresh strawberries and {hand-whipped} cream out on the deck in the warm sunshine. We made our plan of attack for the day to get packed up and ready to go.
As the work began though, David started experiencing excruciating pain. He took some medication and carried on thinking it would pass. It didn't. It worsened to the point that he was unable to do anything and I knew I had to get him to the emergency. It looked to be up in his kidney, and we suspected a kidney stone, though he's never had one before. He just knew it wasn't muscle or bone. The staff at Havasu Hospital were wonderful and even though 4 ambulances had just come in he got in rather quickly. The pain would come and go much like contractions - he can't believe we women go through that kind of pain! He'd be okay for a wee bit and then the pain would come on so terribly strong. He was hooked up to an IV with fluids and pain medication. They say kidney stones are the second most painful thing to child birth and I believe it! After a lot of blood work and a CT scan it was confirmed that he had a high kidney stone. He stayed in the hospital all day and then by about 7pm they gave him the choice to stay or come home with pain medication. He decided to come home, but I'm not sure he was happy with that choice when the pain came on and he didn't have it directly in his IV. Megan was such a blessing holding down the fort while I was with David, keeping the kids busy, fed and working in the house as we didn't know if we'd have to move to a hotel or what was going to happen. The owners of the vacation home were wonderful and have allowed us to stay until David is feeling better. We will be staying until the stone passes, he is off his meds, has seen the urologist and feeling up to a 30 hour road trip! They say it can take from 2-7 days so we are praying that it is on the lower end of that scale. We would certainly appreciate your prayers. We are thanking the Lord for his watchful care over us as we were planning on leaving yesterday and could have been in the middle of the desert when this began.
So... the adventure continues for a little longer --

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  1. Oh that's awful! Good thing you were able to get to a hospital though. I've heard kidney stones is up there with labor pains. Were you helping him "hee hee whooo" thru the waves of pain, Jen? Ha. Just jokin'. HOPE YOU GET BETTER REALLY SOON, DAVID........for sure in time to help Jen with her own breathing. ;)