Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 55 - Hanging out in Havasu

Today was a good day for David. He went for his morning walk to see if he could bring on any pain and had a bit of discomfort that seemed to subside fairly quickly. Strange how he tries to bring on the pain, but he's thinking pain might be movement therefore pain is good!?
We went out to IHOP for brunch and have come to the conclusion that US food portions are much, MUCH larger than ours in Canada. It's either that or we just don't eat out very often and have forgotten how much food they give you at restaurants - WAY more than you need!
We got word that the rental we're in is being rented out Thursday so we have until Wednesday afternoon which had us doing a bit of packing this afternoon. Kids played outside most of the day/afternoon with the neighbor kids.
We put our feet up for a family movie night and then worked our way to bed.
The goofy gang acting silly at IHOP as we waited for our food.

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