Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 42 - A few hours at Disneyland

This morning everyone was up early and excited to get on the road. We were packed up & on the road by about 11 and had a beautiful ride through desserts, green hills, and even saw some snow capped mountains. We made our way to our hotel in Anaheim, unloaded and off to Disneyland we went for a few hours before it closed. We’re just across the street from Disneyland, but in a different hotel than last time so it works out great for just walking into the park. We’re actually even a little closer than our last hotel :) Once in the park Joshua was bouncing to get onto Splash Mountain! So off we went and Megan joined them for a wet log ride down the mountainside. Sarah and I sat that one out and went on Winnie the Pooh instead ;). From there we went on Pirates of the Caribbean, Buzz Lightyear’s AstroBlasters, Autotopia, back to Splash Mountain (and yes Winnie the Pooh again), and then just before closing got on It’s A Small World. The boys dislike this ride, but it is one of Sarah’s favorites (even though we’ve only been on it once before). The few hours we had in the park seemed to whiz by and the sun went down quickly around 8pm. As we wandered through the park, we made a quick stop for some delicious cream cheese stuffed soft pretzels and a spicy cheese one for Daddy! YUM. We got back to our hotel, had a little dinner and then it was lights out for everyone as we planned our day for tomorrow - sounds like it’s California Adventure first thing to get on Toy Story Mania (one of MY favorites!!) So fun to be back again!!

A little school work on the drive to Disneyland.
Megan helping Joshua out with math.
Hello Mickey!
All decorated for Spring.
The first ride HAD to be Splash Mountain.
The wet riders!
The Mickey Hat.
Joshua taking Daddy for a cruise.
Megan in her car! Only nine months until she gets her learners permit!!!!
Sarah was THRILLED to go on her favorite ride, It's a Small World... the boys found it somewhat torturous.
Leaving the park as the sun went down.

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  1. Sarah Grandpa's V favorite ride is It's a Small World also. He is delighted to think it is your favorite too.