Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 50 - hot, hot, hot

Sarah was able to get a bit more schoolwork done today thanks to a half a teaspoon of Dimetapp!
With only a couple days left in Havasu, school has been pared down to the minimal. A bit of language and some math and we're good to go. We can catch up when we're back in McMurray. Actually the kids are nearly all done their school for this year so it's really nice to be able to do less these days.
After lunch Megan and I went out to do a little shopping while the others played outside and in the pool. We hit 37+ today and I think we're due to see 40C tomorrow so it is hot. Feels awesome, we are loving the heat!
Kids spent all afternoon outside, playing with friends and in the pool. Everyone came in when they were hungry for leftover supper and then back out. It really is amazing to have such consistent weather. Something we've never experienced other than here and never tire of! David and I did a number of laps walking our "loop" while the kids played basketball next door. Hard to think that was more than likely our last sunset walk, we're feeling pretty glum with having to leave a place that feels so much like home to us.
Kids were called in as the sun went down and the streets were dark and headed out back for an evening hot-tub & swim.
One more day....
Cheesy grin Sarah enjoying an afternoon swim.
The new game - Jackpot!
Although it's after 5pm and the chairs are in the shade, this is usually David & my sunny spot to sit, chat & sip cold drinks!
A random photo on our walk. I get a kick out of the "fence" built with cinder blocks and old logs.
Typically where we find the kids - across the street playing basketball with Emily.
The man cave.... ahhhhhhhh.
Another fabulous evening swim.
Cheers to a great day!

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