Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 54 - A rough night

David has been off the painkillers trying to see if he can manage without (and therefore able to drive), but he was pretty uncomfortable throughout the night and he was hurting most of the day. This stone seems to really enjoy it in there as it seems to be taking it's time to slowly, painfully make its way down! Megan & I went out and bought tons of fluids and fruits to try and flush it out, and although his pain levels have increased there's still nothing to show for it.
The pain subsided a bit late afternoon (he did take the painkillers again this morning) so we decided to go check out the local old fashioned ice-cream & soda pop shop. Very cute! The kids were delighted to pick out an ice cream treat {as was I, let's be honest!} and David had an old fashioned cherry soda float (more fluids!!). It was nice to get out even for the 1/2 hr and give David something to look at other than his pillow or the hot tub! We feel so badly for him, it's such an unbearable process!
We knew we couldn't go out for dinner with David in this condition so we ordered in from the locals favorite restaurant, Angelina's. It was good, but we ordered way too much food, so we'll enjoy it for lunch tomorrow :)
Kids played with Emily again for most of the day - they're going to be basketball pros at the end of this trip!
What do you do with all this fruit?....
You make a delicious fruit salad!!
I loved the little message on the chalkboard...
"ice-cream makes you pretty"
Sarah enjoyed an orange, hand-mixed "old-fashioned Phosphates" - which is soda-pop!
It was a darling little shop with pink & brown striped walls. Megan enjoyed a double-scoop ice cream cone down to the last drip!
Megan has always wanted to try a Cannoli so when I saw these on the menu at Angelina's I knew we HAD to order a couple! :)
Joshua's dessert pick was 7 layered chocolate cake.
No, he didn't eat it all ☺

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