Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 12 - Relax & soak up the sun!

We are enjoying "our" house here in Estrella and wish we could stay the full week. It was booked so we are just thankful we were able to squeeze a few days in! This morning the guys got up and cooked a delicious breakfast that we enjoyed outside on the back deck. It was already nice and warm out - love that! After breakfast, we packed into the SUV and went to the lake for a walk. The palm trees were beautiful and we enjoyed a leisurely morning walk. Matthew loved the ducks and looking about. He’s getting really good at sitting up now. He drifted off for a nap by the end of the walk :) We got back to the house, had lunch and then everyone lounged by the pool. We spent the afternoon laying in the sun, splashing in the water and sipping cold drinks. Ahhh.... love holidays!!

The BBQ was fired up for some burgers for dinner and we continued to enjoy a day/evening of relaxation. The kids played some Dutch Blitz with Grandma & Grandpa and David and Joshua went for an evening swim.

Another great day in paradise.

Beautiful flowers around the lake, they smelled so good too!
Our walking path & views
Hug a {palm} tree :)
Our boys!
Kids are sure loving Grandma & Grandpa being with us :)
I think Grandma & Grandpa like it too!
Palm trees and blue skies.... and the heat = Fabulous!
Palm Masks
Sleepy baby who loves being able to put his soother in his mouth all by himself... even if it is upside down!
Sunshine cuddles with Grandma

Grandma played A LOT of games :)

*** we've been away from internet for a few days.... will update as soon as we can.

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