Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 8 - Magic Morning

We woke up around 6:30 this morning to get out by 7:30. We did great! We made it to Disneyland for our Magic Morning, 8am entry :)
We started the day in Fantasyland. Matthew could go on ALL these rides which was so fun. We went on Peter Pan's Flight, Pinocchio, Dumbo, teacups, Alice in Wonderland and then over to It's A Small World. Matthew is a typical BOY... this is the ONE ride he fussed on a bit ;) Hahaha. Well, not really, he was just hungry :)
We made our way to Big Thunder Mountain (Matthew fell asleep) so everyone went on and Jim & I had a bench visit while we waited for the 'wildest ride in the wilderness' to come to an end.
It was hot today and everyone started to feel the heat so Daddy bought us all a pineapple ice cream treat. YUM.
We wandered over to the California side to check out Screamin' (Mommy too!!). As "luck" would have it, it was shut down (WHEW!!) for a bit this afternoon. The boys all cooled off on the River Run. We wandered around a little and everyone was feeling that 6:30 wake up, so we left the park and walked back to the hotel for a couple hours to rest, grab a bite to eat and relax. Felt nice.
By 5 everyone was ready to get back to the park for a few more hours. We went to the California side again and made it on Soaring over California (twice) and Toy Story Mania (and and the boys did Screamin' as it was back up & running).
It was a jam-packed day of sunshine & good times!
Through the castle to Fanstasyland.
The Dumbo line :)
Grandma & Sarah in the front, Megs in the middle, Matthew & me with Joshua in the back.
signature teacup photo :)
This time we went on the teacups, first for us!
Snuggle time with Grandma.
Pineapple ice-cream and floats - YUM.
The boys went on the Grizzly River Run to cool off in the afternoon.

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