Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 9 - Last day of Disney Magic

It's hard to believe today was our last day at the parks. We've had such a great time, everyone has had so much fun & Matthew has been amazing - perfect combinations!! :)
Joshua was still DETERMINED to get me ON the Screamin' so we started our day over on the California side, first stop - Screamin'. I was SHAKING in my boots as we stood in line.... and "luck" wasn't on my side this time as David & I ended up in the VERY FRONT!!!
And... that's exactly what I did! hahahah.
It was {actually} fun and I even did it a second time :)
On the Cali side we did the Golden Zepher, Jellyfish, Hemlik the Caterpillar, Monsters Inc., Crush the talking Turtle & Toy Story Mania as well as the Screamin'.
We bought our signature Disneyland mugs and then left the park for some lunch, iced coffees & pool time at the hotel. Grandma, Grandpa & Megan went to a little bakery too :)
After a little relaxing, we packed up and went to Disneyland. Here we managed to get on Big Thunder a few times, Pirates, The Jungle Cruise, Autotopia and the highlight - FIREWORKS! It was great and this time Sarah was able to see Tinkerbell fly across the sky.
After the fireworks, there was one final ride on Big Thunder & then we took the monorail to end our time at Disneyland.
Sad to say goodbye to the happiest place on earth, but we are looking forward to our time in Arizona :)
It's a Small World.
It's a Bug's Life
Megan in the teacup, purple of course!
Lots of construction at California Adventure.... looks like some great rides are being built!
Me, freaking out!
The second time we sat behind Megan and Joshua.
Megan and a cupcake :)
Monsters Inc.
So nice to see all the pretty flowers.
We sure hope so!!

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