Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 14 - Hanging out in Florence

We had a lazy day today hanging out in Florence. It was neat to be able to come out this way as the area here is so much different from Goodyear. Big farms run into desert areas and then here and there housing areas and of course box stores pop up all over :) The pool at this house is not heated and the hot weather has just begun so it was COLD. We had a very warm day in the low 30s so Grandpa and Sarah both went in for a QUICK and “refreshing” dip. Sarah said it was COLD, Grandpa would say it was REFRESHING :). We had a lunchtime BBQ and enjoyed eating outside in the heat. By the afternoon everyone was ready to do something, so we made our way to the nearby park and everyone played some soccer & football. We ended the evening with an extra special treat.... INDONESIAN DINNER. Yummy. Thank-you Grandpa Jim!! Joshua was his little helper and hopefully learning and watching carefully!! haha. We ended the evening with a family movie night and then once the kids were all tucked in, we pulled out the cards and played a couple rounds..... the boys can’t seem to win :)

A new hat :)
Great park nearby with perfect grassy areas!
Football champs!
Sarah's sassy shadow.
Megan's funky Egyptian shadow.
Sarah took some icy cold water out of the UNheated pool (and it was COLD!) and decided to cool herself off by pouring it over her head :)

Baby, that's cold!
Sweet ♥

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