Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 4 - Anaheim Garden Walk... and sniffles.

Today was Megan's day to be sick. Poor thing couldn't even get out of bed this morning! We all laid pretty low, trying to regain some energy. This bug seems to be hitting us hard. Sarah & Joshua have really perked up, although Joshua is still coughing & complaining of a sore throat - they are feverless! I'm thinking that may not be a word - feverless. Aw well, I'm using it! :) By 12:30 Megan had managed to get a glass of orange juice down and meds kicked in and she felt she was up to get some fresh air. So off to Costco we went to start off with a nice cool treat. Megan's favorite thing about Costco in the USA? The ICE CREAM BAR! That hit the spot! From there we enjoyed a nice walk near our hotel. We went to the Anaheim Garden Walk. It's a collection of restaurants, shops, a theater & a bowling alley... just a nice place to take a stroll :)
We ended the night with pizza & Amazing Race.
Then lights out.... we're off to see Mickey Mouse in the morning :)
Just an empty lot we saw on our walk and were amazed at all the wildflowers growing in there. It was so pretty!
Strike a pose!
There were a bunch of very cool murals at the Anaheim Garden Walk.
Lots of beautiful poppies planted there too.
Boys will be boys!!
The family shot.
Pizza Night brought to you by Costco :)

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