Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day One - Let the Adventures Begin... again :)

Just a quick note to say we're back on the road for a 2 week adventure! This time we're flying which is a first for us with the kids and they are very excited about that part! Unfortunately everyone has come down with a bug & fevers.. oh boy! We've made it to Edmonton, and will get a 5:30am wake up call to get our things together, catch the shuttle and head to the airport. PRAYING that we're all feeling better come morning time.
We'll touch down in LA tomorrow evening.
And then....
we'll THAW OUT!


  1. Get better kids - you have a fun filled 2 weeks ahead of you. Have a blast and love you tons. Grandma and Grandpa V.

  2. havn't heard from your blog in AGES!!!!!! glad to hear you're still doing well, minus the colds though!!!! Soooooo when did you have your baby and name????? I"ve thought of you thru the months and wondered how you were doing. Are you still stamping much? Kerry