Monday, March 7, 2011


Megan was feeling quite a bit better this morning, but David has taken the dive into Sneezeville! It was now his turn to have the brutal day of being attached to a box of Kleenex. We took our time getting up, having breakfast and packing up for Disneyland. We decided to skip the shuttle and enjoy a nice walk to the park, it only takes us about 20 minutes.
Of course the FIRST ride of the day HAD to be Big Thunder Mountain :) YEHAW!
The kids and I went this time and Daddy and Matthew were onlookers (apparently Matthew is too little for this ride, *smiles*)
It felt particularly odd this entrance into Disneyland. I'm not sure if it was because we were all still battling sniffles and coughs, if it seemed surreal that we were back or just simply familiar... it was wonderful though and we were ready for a fantastic day.
Next ride was Pirates and this time Matthew came too! I wasn't sure how he would do (flashbacks of the airplane danced in my head!), but he loved it. David held him and he enjoyed the drops and just looked at everything with amazement.
We enjoyed lunch and then Daddy was needing some medication so we walked back to the hotel, took an afternoon break and David went out to get some meds. Once he returned, we reloaded and walked back.
First ride was using the fastpass and getting on Space Mountain, great ride! Joshua tried it out this time, but he still prefers Screamin'. We then went over to the California side. Lots of construction going on; looks like some cool rides coming! We made it on Soaring (Matthew & I sat out this time), Toy Story Mania (my favorite and Matthew quite liked it too!), Screamin' (the boys did this one) and The Mickey's Ferris Wheel.
A full day, but so much fun. Matthew did so amazing. Totally exceeded my expectations. He loved looking about, and he'd fall asleep when he was tired.... hoping tomorrow goes just as smoothly.
By 8pm the park closed down and we made our way back to the hotel. We reached the lobby and the kids had a big surprise awaiting them.....
GRANDMA & GRANDPA JIM were here!!!!
What a fun surprise - kids are super excited (as are the grown-ups!)
We chatted for a bit and the kids actually got a game of Dutch Blitz going with G&G ... and then everyone called it a night - we have a big day tomorrow.
Sarah & Megan had a sleepover in Grandma & Grandpa's room, David downed some Night time Cold meds and hit the pillow, and everyone settled in for a good nights sleep :)
All packed up and ready for our first day back at the park :)
Matthew's first ride - Pirates of the Caribbean.
After Space Mountain, we took Matthew onto Astro Blasters - Daddy still rocks at this game!
What's a visit to Disneyland WITHOUT a cream cheese filled soft pretzel! Mmmmmm.
While Joshua & Daddy hit Screamin', the girls & Matthew took Mickey's Ferris Wheel. It was getting windy and it was a bit chilly at the top tonight!
So excited to have Grandma & Grandpa with us! Matthew didn't make strange at all and just stared at Grandma :)
Smiles for Grandma....

Looking forward to another fantastic day!

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