Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 6 - California Adventure with Grandma/pa :)

Everyone slept fantastic last night and woke up feeling well rested and on the mend. Praise the Lord! Still a few wobbly legs, noses to blow & heavy heads... but so much better than what we've all been feeling!
We all went and had breakfast, packed up and had our morning walk to the park :) We decided to head over to California Adventure as we had to get fast passes to the new presentation World of Color. We did Soaring over California and then Joshua & David did Screamin'. Once they came off of that ride we went down to the pier so that I could feed Matthew. While I fed him everyone went on a tour at the bakery (one of Megan's favorites!). Everyone stopped to snack on some of the freshly baked bread Grandpa bought and then it was off to Toy Story Mania! The boys quickly hopped on Screamin' (again) and then we went down to Bug's Life to watch the 3D show "It's a Bugs Life". Matthew didn't like that one too much - it was on the verge of being unbearably loud for us adults! Not sure why it was SO loud, but it was so David took him out for the last bit of the show. We then wandered over to watch "Aladdin". We love this one!
It was such a beautiful day - so warm! A few sunburns were noted :)
We left the park for a little trip to Costco for some supper & treats :) Nice to get out for a little break. Kids were eager to get back though so we dressed a little warmer as we knew we were going to be at the park a little later tonight with the show in the evening. We went over to Disneyland for Sarah's favorite ride, Big Thunder Mountain. Grandma & Grandpa BOTH came on this ride with us too. YAY! Although, I think Grandpa has officially volunteered to watch Matthew when we do this ride again! :)
We then made our way back to California to take in World of Color. WOW - truly spectacular (as all things Disney seem to be!).
It was late and we had a bit of a trek through the crowds and back to our hotel. Kids did awesome and Matthew had another fabulous day! Such a blessing!!
We got back to the hotel and Sarah said she wasn't sure she had the energy to pick up her toothbrush and even brush one tooth :)
We take a break from the parks tomorrow and with it being the hottest day (suppose to be 27C tomorrow) we're planning on hitting the beach for the day! :)
We're ready for a lazy day of sunshine!

All ready to head to the park!
Matthew is ready for another day of sunshine!
California Adventure - loving all the spring flowers!
The bread tour :)
Doesn't look like they're having fun does it?
I think Sarah has been glued to Grandma since their arrival!
Toy Story Mania, my favorite ride :)
Joshua & David are pretty disappointed their favorite ride, Splash Mountain, is closed... looks like Screamin' is the new favorite this time!
Squeezing in one final ride over at Disneyland, Big Thunder Mountain. Guess that flash was pretty bright.... Sarah opted to just keep those eyes CLOSED! :)
World of Color. This photo obviously does it NO justice... this was just what they had on while it ended and people were leaving. It was truly spectacular!

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