Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 3 - Huntington Beach

We woke achy, and pretty much everyone is feeling sick. Megan so far has been feeling the best. We all got up and went for breakfast, and did start feeling a bit better. We decided to head out and find a beach, nothing like a bit of fresh air! First off... the warm air feels amazing. Although the trip here would be classified (so far) as our worst yet, the warm air feels lovely! Secondly... we're all together. We're all sick together, but still together, and I love that.
Before checking out the beach we decided to grab some grub at Costco. We love Costco :) We have a suite here in Anaheim so wanted some food so we could eat in. We took food back to the hotel (usually we're worried about things freezing, now we don't want things to spoil in the heat, gotta love that!) and then headed for the ocean. We knew we liked Huntington Beach, so we decided to head there for the afternoon.
Matthew is still not quite himself and would not settle in his stroller. We finally took him out and plunked him in the sand. WOW! He loved it. So cute. He grabbed at the sand and thought it was the greatest thing.
Megan slowly started taking a turn for the worse and David started coughing as well. Oh boy!
We got back to the hotel, had a bite to eat, showered & everyone was in bed before 9!
Our swagger-wagon :)
Matthew is loving the sunshine.
The pier at Huntington Beach.
A quick stop at Target for a football. You can't go to the beach without a football!
Our little beachcomber! Her pockets were bulging with shells.
Beach toes.
Matthew loved the sand!
A quick smile without the soother. We were hoping the soother in the mouth would keep the sand out!
Joshua dug a hole for Matthew to hang out in :)
I think he likes it!
Megan & Daddy playing football - check out that blue sky!

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