Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 16 - More photos from Yesterday!

Today was a more typical school day. No field trips just your regular studies in the morning & four hour PE class in the pool in the afternoon :). Here are some more pictures of our day in Vegas yesterday...
Approaching Hoover Dam from the Arizona side.
Calcium deposits show how low the lake is right now.
Construction of the new bridge over Black Canyon. It will be unbelievably high when it's completed.
Black Canyon, below the Hoover Dam.
Lake Mead.
Attached to the Silverton Hotel is an enormous outdoor store. We really enjoyed looking at the animal displays.
This photo captures maybe 10% of this display in the fishing area.
Note the bottom of the boat on the ceiling.
We had to smile at the "Do Not Feed the Animals" sign.
There are sturgeon swimming in this pool along with ducks & turtles. There are 3 or 4 live fish "tanks" inside the store.
Inside the hotel lobby is a 120,000 gallon salt-water aquarium. It was hard to take pictures through the glass, but a few turned out, sort of. We were there at the right time to witness the shark & ray feeding. (Here he's feeding the sharks)
The rays are such happy fish, they always look like they're smiling!!

Oh yeah, before we left Vegas we went to Costco - where else can you feed the entire family for $9.48!?
Point of interest... What is it with Canadian cows??? You can buy a gallon (4L) of milk down here for $1.39, a block of cheese (907g size) for $3.99, butter is $1.50 per pound; and the chickens...eggs are $1 a dozen (yes, extra large size) How much tax is on those critters up there? HOWEVER... we have yet to find a decent slurpree and can't find KONA iced-coffee mix (or any brand for that matter) anywhere!!!

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  1. Wow, its so cool looking at your pics of all these different places. I went on a 6 wk holiday when I was 12 but still remember a lot of it. Lake Havasu was unbelievably hot when I was there; that much I remember! These pics are amazing and great memories you are creating for all of you. I'm excited for you all! Is Lake Havasu where you plan to live when you move there?