Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 34 - We are having so much fun in Disneyland!!

A shorter post today as we are all exhausted and ready for bed. What a fantastic day we had at Disneyland! We were up early again, and so got up and got to the park by 8:30 or so. We had read the reviews and knew that Finding Nemo was a popular ride with no fast-pass and the only time to do it was FIRST thing or else you could be 1-2 hours in line. So, we went straight there, and were able to walk right on! It was a great ride, especially for Sarah as a first ride. We then toddled off and found a locker (worth the $10!!) to hold our backpack (for our lunch & water) as well as a place to stash our hoodies after the morning clouds burned off! We spent the rest of the day on the rides and did fabulous with the line-ups! Many rides we were able to get right on, others had about a 15-20 minute wait. The kids did awesome!! Even the rollercoasters! EVEN SARAH! I was very impressed. We even did splash mountain - Sarah refuses to do that one again, as do I! FREAKED on that one. My body apparently doesn't enjoy 50' freefalls into water - go figure! :) David LOVED this one (ranks as his #1 so far) and he went again in the evening - the rest of us opted to watch him, although Megan & Joshua want to do it again next time, just didn't want to be wet for the fireworks! We left the park briefly for lunch and then were back in & on the rides. We stayed for the fireworks tonight & got a spot in front of the castle for the full view show. :) It's late and another full day at California Adventure Park, so I'll leave you with some photos from today and once we get back home to Havasu and we've gone through the 100s of photos that I'm sure we'll have taken, we can do a post with some of the better selected photos :)
In very random order....
"Innoventions" was such a cool place - we'll chat more about it in another post.
Autopia - Megan's first time driving by herself! It's on the list to do again!
Disneyland after the sun went down.
Megan thought the benches shaped like Mickey on the ends were great!
After much searching we finally found Mickey! Still hunting for the princesses!!
Took a photo (of our photo) from Splash Mountain - the ONLY one smiling is David, I didn't realize I could scream that loud and poor Sarah was SO scared. We did it. We're done it. OK, the other 3 can't wait to do it again and David did go in the dark tonight (his fav!)
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was my favorite ride (rollercoaster)... we ended up doing this one twice today :)
The entrance into "It's a Small World"....
Sarah after her first rollercoaster (we dried the tears before we took the pic!)
Mr. Toad's ride... the only one the kids did on their own (we were in the car behind them)
The Jungle Cruise was fantastic - sailed along, but the guide was hilarious!
Indian Jones was a great ride. We drove trucks down a rollercoaster-type road. It was jerky, but the detail was absolutely amazing (not Sarah's favorite)
Our first ride - Finding Nemo. We took a submarine down deep into the ocean :)
Going waaaaaaay down ...
The night ended with an amazing fireworks display and then we went back to the hotel to bed. So nice that it's only about 5 minutes away. :)


  1. Wow it sounds like you are having an awesome time. Enjoy every minute and do every ride and the ones you like best do many many times. Sarah - you even went on the roller coaster and splash moutain WOW. Well have another great day. Love you lots Grandma V.

  2. Ok, I don't know if I can wait another 3 yrs to go back to Disneyland. Sigh.
    These pics make me want to go today! Glad you are all having such a great time! :-)


  3. I am in the same camp as Sarah. I`d probably have tears after rides too! ;)