Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 35 California Adventure Park

We spent today in California Adventure Park - it opened at 10am and closed at 5pm and after that we went to Disneyland until it closed at 9pm. We're putting in full days and are walking miles and the parents seem to be tiring before the kids!! California Adventure Park was smaller than Disneyland, but had the larger, faster rides.

This is actually a photo of us at the END of our day in California Adventure Park....
It is so hard to get a photo of the rollercoaster - California Screamin'.... it is an INSANE ride - and MEGAN DID IT! You can see how impressed she is in the photo taken during the ride. She was quite pale afterwards, but liked it! David turned around and went again (alone).... he too was feeling a little groggy after a second whip through!
This rollercoaster broke down on David, Megan & Joshua (Sarah opted out a second ride this time) so we hung out while the service people helped them out of their cart where it was stuck! CRAZY! The ride was working again shortly afterwards - but no, we didn't go back! :)
The treats, although overpriced, are so cute - check out these Minnie & Mickey candy apples!
Sarah was BEYOND excited to *finally* find a princess - snow white!! She was able to talk to her and give her a hug... a big highlight for Sarah :)
There are photographers all around Disneyland ready to take your picture :)
A bug's land had smaller rides.... we did the caterpillar ride which Sarah quite enjoyed :)
The ferris wheel - a nice slow ride & we got a great view of all the construction going on for upcoming rides!
The maliboomer - NO ONE wanted to do this ride...
... except Daddy of course!!
Megan & I did the rocket ride, no one else wanted to do this one....
The Grizzly River Run was the second ride that was done. Sarah & I sat this one out... good thing, they were SOAKED at the end of it!! Literally wringing water out of their clothes - and loved it! :)
You can see Megan on the left (green shorts and dark grey T-shirt)
OK, this (in my opinion) is the GREATEST RIDE EVER!!! Soaring over California is amazing!! We did it three times and it's on the list for our final day!! Wooohooooo!!!!
Kids were excited to see Rustee & Mater, we even saw them driving in the parade later in the day.
A pose with Minnie - Sarah was so pleased to get her photo taken with the characters!
And then there was Goofy, standing in front of the World's Largest Candy Corn :)

A slew of photos to go through, but these are a few of our day... I know we're a day "behind"... but it's late again and we've got an extra early start to our day tomorrow with an early morning entry into the park. Hard to believe our final day is already here, we're having a fabulous time!!

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  1. Soarin over California was Grandpa's and my favorite ride too and we did it about 3 times. Glad you are having so much fun. Sleep tight and enjoy
    love you all