Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 30 & Day 31 - Daddy's back home!!

We've been so busy playing that by nightfall we're too tired to sit & journal our day. Hopefully we can do a little catch up today! David got in just after midnight on Wednesday night(Day 30) - after being up for nearly 34 hours he enjoyed a good night's sleep! Of course the kids couldn't resist jumping on him with great excitement at 7am! :) Thankfully we had school to occupy us while Daddy caught up on a bit more sleep! Lunch time rolled around and with the temperatures in the high 30s (Welcome home Daddy!!) we spent the afternoon in the pool. There were a couple of errands to run first, but then the next number of hours were playtime! Lots of diving, pool games & being with Daddy again... the kids were all smiles & giggles.
Day 31 (Friday) was pretty much a repeat of the day before. We hit 38C and after school the hours were spent poolside. David is happy to leave the snow and chill for the next few weeks! The BBQ has been smoking hot again, as we enjoy the heat. Sarah has grown in her swimming too. She has figured out the goggles and has started to swim under the water! She loves the hot-tub and so we turn that on in the morning so that by the afternoon she can swim around in there and "dive" for toys on the bottom. She has even been brave enough to jump in the deep end a few times without the life jacket. It's amazing what consistency does!! Each day she seems to push herself a little further and is quite pleased with herself at her accomplishments! I should have a whole bunch of poolside photos for you, but I haven't had my camera out much the last few days -- enjoying the relaxation myself! :) David did climb up after our hot-tub night with the kids to capture the amazing sky!! The sunsets are truly outstanding!!
One of the first things Joshua wanted to do (besides the obvious pool!!) was to play catch!
Daddy's back - which means nighttime pool parties, the kids' favorite!!!

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