Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 21 - Sunsets & BBQ

The sunset seems to creep in earlier each night - guess that means 'winter' is coming. The warm breezes keep the BBQ going strong. David feels we should be BBQ-ing at least one meal a day :) So as much as we can, we try to keep those coals glowing!! With the evening setting in earlier though we have been eating indoors (*gasp!*) - lunch is out at the palapa though!! :) The last couple of nights David has gone out to try to capture some of the amazing sunsets we're enjoying....
here's a taste (and the sunset photos!) *smiles*
This is our street {and our mailbox}...the sun makes those mountains so red.
Those aren't clouds. It's amazing to see the layers of mountains in the sky.
Taken from above the pool (the diving rocks)... you can see the roof of the palapa.
David left after an early dinner tonight to get to Fort McMurray for his shift tomorrow evening. It's a crazy schedule to get back to the great North. He flies out of Las Vegas at 10pm, to land in Edmonton at 1am... to sit for about 5hrs before catching his connecting flight to Fort Mac and arriving there around 8am. UGLY. Flying home will be a LOT more direct! It was a very emotional goodbye...and we're already counting down the days for his safe return home. We are having an amazing time. Thanks for your emails, comments & prayers!!


  1. Hay kids I know it must have been difficult to say goodbye to daddy for the week - but chins up and be happy and enjoy the warm sunshine and get things ready for him to come home - he will be counting the days right along with you. We will be praying for you as well. We love you and miss you all tons.
    Love you Grandma and Grandpa V.

  2. Aww those goodbyes. I will be praying for you guys and David too as he is working hard and in the COLD North thinking of you all over there in the land of beauty! Amazing pictures as always, Jen. One of these times I'll get on MSN. :o)