Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 20 - An October Day in Havasu

After school today we went out for a family stroll down at the boardwalk. There are a number of little shops like you would find at the waterfront in Nanaimo. We just made it around the one side & so will walk the other side another time.
I thought it was interesting at how they have the tent shades over all the play areas at the park.
A view of the London bridge - how did they get that to Havasu??
It does seem strange that the weather is so warm here and David is flying out this week to possible snow!!
Always seems to be a "cooling off" spot along walking paths... even the mall has misters outside.
There are palm trees everywhere and the kids are always hoping to find a coconut!
The line of boats coming into the channel.
It was so beautiful to see green grass again!!

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