Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 24 - a mishmash of photos.

Another great day! The temperatures rose a bit today and we enjoyed 36C degrees and spent time in the pool after "school". Kids are doing so well with the programs they're in, and I am really enjoying having them home with me. :) We had the exterminator come today to spray for the ants that were a nuisance in the kitchen, so that appears to be working!!
Countdown is on - Daddy is home in 6 days :)

I have an odd assortment of photos to share today:
The kids must have taken this one, kind of sad... Joshua hung out on the front step for a bit after Daddy drove away - he sure loves his Daddy!!
The kids love to play "Settlers of Catan" so we had a game before bed, Joshua was the winner tonight!
Sarah earned a prize today in school and chose a sour candy -- apparently TOO SOUR! :)
After we're out of the pool and back in the house, the birds come & enjoy a dip themselves. However, every time we go near the window to take a photo, they all fly up to the hydro lines. Guess they've already figured out that Joshua loves to turn the waterfalls on them!!
Joshua needs to make chores more enjoyable so his new rule is when he washes dishes, he needs to be Santa Clause. Works for me as long as the dishes get done :)

David wanted an update of the forecast - so here it is...
forecast for tomorrow:
Fort McMurray - cloudy with a HIGH of 2C BRRR! a
Nanaimo - Sunny with a high of 12C
Vernon - sunny with a high of 7C
Lake Havasu City - Sunny with a high of 33C

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  1. It is beautiful here in Vernon regardless of the cool temps. We have been out working in the yard (well Grandpa has) the sun is shinning on the lake making it shimmer so it truly is beautiful to enjoy ALL the seasons. Enjoy the heat and we are so glad that you are loving every minute of it. Happy Thanksgiving.
    Love you